What a PANDAFUL Life!
Personal Project / Motion Graphic / 01'21" / 1920*1080 / 2020
Illustrator / After Effects
Role: Design / Animation

Panda is my favorite animal in the world, I've always admired their "living philosophy", which is to stay ease and chill. The only two things they have to do in their day is to sleep and eat! Therefore, I create the theme as "PANDAFUL" as an adjective to describe their living philosophy. To let more people have a further understanding of how lovely is this animal, I found there are five fun facts about pandas that I want to share with people.
To make the movement of panda falling from the snowball to the ground looks smoother, I tried to find reference footage and export it to 24 frames per second, and use illustrator to draw the panda's movement frame by frame. It's my first attempt to do a frame by frame animation so it was very challenging for me. However, the result comes pretty well and I really like it!